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What are the uses of the thresher?

20-Oct-2023 |  Asked by: Rajveer Singh

All Answers:


Thresher is a crucial farming equipment that helps farmers to separate grain and husks. It automates this process and helps farmers to save time & effort. With the help of a thresher, farmers can improve the crop quality because grains and husks will be separated perfectly.

Farmers can use a thresher for different kinds of crops like rice, oats, barley, and many more. As there are multiple uses of thresher it’s easy for farmers to work on preferred settings. The thresher has integration abilities with the harvester. Because of this, farmers can combine harvesting and threshing. This way, cutting, threshing, and crop cleaning is possible in one pass. All in all, thresher is one way to save time and make the entire process of crop cultivation fully automated.

   18-Jan-2024 |   Answer by: narendra tomar

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