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Home| Tractors Question| What is a ridger? and what are the uses of tractor ridger?

What is a ridger? and what are the uses of tractor ridger?

14-Nov-2023 |  Asked by: Hanu Guyutra

All Answers:


Ridger or tractor ridger It’s a type of plough having sharp edges at uniform distances. Farming is never done by two hands and a tractor.
Farmers need to take the help of a wide range of implements to increase the utility of their tractors and perform farming with much ease and accuracy. Ridger is one such implement that is used to make raised ridges or furrows in the soil. These have different uses in farming.

Tractor ridger uses in farming. For instance:
1. It’s used to create raised beds for row crops like vegetables, sugarcane, potatoes, chillies, and many more. The raised beds that ridger creates will have better drainage and soil aeration that prevent water logging and promote better crop growth.

2. It’s useful in weed control by raising the planting beds. When crops are planted on raised farming land, there will be less odds of weed spread.

3. Ridger tractor implement helps farmers to create furrows on the farming land and make sure that the water is reaching the crops without any wastage and in equal quantity.
4. Tractor ridgers are great tools for trenching and soil preparation.

5. By creating ridges for planting and soil management, tractor riders promote less soil erosion and better water management.

The right kind of tractor ridger is a great farming tool. But, farmers have to make wise choices. They have to make sure that the ridger they’re planning to buy is compatible with their tractor, ridger price fits in the budget and is from a trusted brand to avoid performance issues.

   14-Nov-2023 |   Answer by: Shubham rajawat

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