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What is digital farming?

24-Dec-2020 |  Asked by: Pavan

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Digital tools and data are not only helping us deploy our resources efficiently and sustainably, but they are also enabling farmers to get the most out of their fields while using less land and fewer inputs, all amid changing climate conditions. Digital farming is enabling individual solutions tailored to each farm’s needs.
New digital technologies are helping drive efficiencies on the farm. Images from satellites and drones provide vital information on the health of plants in the field.
By applying data science and advanced modeling to these numerous data sets – as well as feeding the models with publicly available data such as weather information – farmers are gaining access to actionable insights and recommendations and the ability to quickly tailor their decisions throughout the crop season. Powered by data science, the farmer knows exactly where and at what rate a seed product or active ingredient should be applied.
There are some basic conditions that must exist for the use of digital technologies and therefore for digital transformation of the agriculture and food sector. These include infrastructure and connectivity, affordability, educational attainment, and institutional support. Access to digital technology can offer significant advantages to smallholder farmers and other rural businesses by providing links to suppliers and information and allowing users to tap into workforce talent, build strategic partnerships, access support services such as training, finance, and legal services and, critically, reach markets and customers.

   29-Dec-2020 |   Answer by: Ram

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