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What is Happy Seeder in agriculture?

01-Nov-2023 |  Asked by: Vishal Nair

All Answers:


Happy Seeder is also known as the Super Straw Management System (Super SMS) and it is an agricultural machine used widely in agriculture and sustainable farming practices. For farmers of rice-wheat farming areas, a happy seeder is a great resource for residue management.
In traditional farming, farmers used to burn the left-over rice straws to get rid of it. This had a great negative impact on the environment and soil health. Happy Seeder gave this practice a new approach. Farmers don't have to burn the rice straw. They can easily cut the rice straw in fine form using its rotating blades.
Let's Understand Happy Seeders Uses and Benefits.

1. No soil disturbance as tillage is reduced and the original soil structure is preserved.
2. Effective residual management because fine rice straw can be mixed with the soil and help you create a mulch.
3. Controlling air pollution and greenhouse emissions as crop residue is not burned.
4. Another Benefit is Happy Seeder price in India which is too affordable.

However, farmers need to make sure that happy seeder is used in a proper field. It's not suitable for all kinds of soil and residue conditions. So, assess your soil and farming conditions before buying a happy seeder.

   01-Nov-2023 |   Answer by: Arun Rajawat

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