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what is jhum cultivation?

16-Aug-2023 |  Asked by: Ashok Sharma

All Answers:


Jhum cultivation is one of the methods of farming which is mainly practiced in northeast India. It is also called shifting cultivation. Jhum cultivation is a method in which the farmers or people of forest shift their agriculture field from one place to another by clearing the forest with fire. Furthermore, the burned and cleared forest provides ash for manure. In addition, this fertile soil also provides high yields. After continuous cultivation, the soil loses its fertility and weeds increase. Therefore, the land is then left fallow for years and these people move to another land for cultivation repeating the same process of clearing forest. Meanwhile, the left land is converted into a secondary forest. After a few years, these secondary forests can also be reused for cultivation.

   16-Aug-2023 |   Answer by: Nyanda Singh

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