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What is the History of Escorts Tractor?

20-Dec-2020 |  Asked by: Samraj

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From breaking fresh ground for Indian Infrastructure to nurturing the earth with harvests of prosperity - From mobilizing the economy on the rail-tracks of progress to being its driving force on the highways of the nation -Escorts are transforming lives, with the power of technology and imagination.
Committed to engineer a better world, they combine endless possibilities of human caliber with innovative engineering solutions. Today, and every day, they help fulfill aspirations of every life we touch.
Their foray into farm mechanization has helped transform the farmland challenges of rural India, into yields of opportunity. They are helping India strengthen its presence in the agri sector and make this core segment one of the strongest contributors to the national economy.
Since their inception, they remain pledged to empower our customers with world-class products and solutions that are truly world-class, path- breaking and future-ready. The Escorts Knowledge Management Centre, set up in 1976, endorses this ethos.
Their primary objective for setting up this in-house R&D unit was to have a centre of excellence with global perspective to develop comprehensive technology plans for innovations. And to optimize the product cost through continuous VEVA (Value Engineering & Value Analysis) and Standardization Program.
The facilities include a high-technology engine laboratory featuring fully computerized test beds with online control, data acquisition and analysis.
Some of their most significant achievements include: Escorts’ first ‘four cylinder tractor’ with one of the most fuel efficient engines in its category, Euro IIIA compliant engine tractor series, and 75 HP / 55 HP Farmtrac Tractors with Epicyclic Reduction Transmission targeted at Export Markets and Heavy-duty Field Operations, respectively. In addition to these innovations, multi-purpose tractor ranges, a variety of special-purpose tractors have been developed for industrial applications as also non-agricultural applications like haulage, airport, potato and vineyard cultivation.

   05-Apr-2021 |   Answer by: Mettina Varghese

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