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What is the history of Mahindra Tractors?

20-Dec-2020 |  Asked by: Ram

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Mahindra rise, not only signifies a rise in business but also rises for good.
Worldwide renowned India based company Mahindra and Mahindra, with their great ethics and mindset, is currently successful in 22 different fields.
Mahindra Tractors with its models like Arjun tractor has not only marked its presence in Indian tractor markets but is currently ruling the global market with its presence in 40+ countries. Because of their vision to bring a positive change in people’s lives, Mahindra tractors have been an inspiration.
Some of the exclusive features that Mahindra Tractors provide you with are:
1. ELS Engine
2. Advanced ADDC Hydraulics
3. Ergonomically designed Tractors
Mahindra Tractors price in India 2020 can go from 2.30 lacs to 11.20 lacs INR. Mahindra Tractors have a wide range of Tractors ranging from 15 Horsepower to 75 horsepower.
Mahindra sells almost 2 Lakh tractors each year. They manufacture high quality, tough and durable tractors and implements raise productivity in farms across all India. They also have around 5 mini tractors, with their price ranging from 4 to 6 Lakhs. Mahindra Arjun tractors and the series are the most popular models by Mahindra and offer a wide range of facilities available to farmers.
The latest Mahindra Tractor XP series also has very versatile design and offers exclusive features starting at ? 5.60 Lakhs.

   22-Dec-2020 |   Answer by: Pavan

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