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What is the purpose of the subsoiler implementation?

27-Oct-2023 |  Asked by: Raghuveer Singh Jaat

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A subsoiler implement often known as a flat lifter is a tractor-mounted equipment useful for creating deep tillage in the soil and loosening it. Mainly, subsoiler alleviates soil compaction further leading to improved soil health.
When farmers continue farming on a specific land for a long time with no extra treatment, the soil particles will stick together so tightly that there won’t be any pore space. Because of this, the specific soil will have issues like water infiltration and aeration.
With the help of subsoilers, farmers can break up soil and prevent tight soil chunks. When used correctly, a subsoiler machine can:

1. Improve the solid structure and aeration as the soil is no longer compacted
2. This leads to better root growth because nutrient uptake of the roots will increase and they will have better drought resistance.
3. Promote enhanced water infiltration as they can create fissures and channels in the soil for better water movement.
4. Help farmers to have better drainage on farming land as it can create pathways for the excess water. Water logging will not take place.

If farmers need to make sure that their farming efforts are paid well, using a subsoiler machine is a great option because it makes soil appropriate for farming. Ans Subsoiler price in india starts from Rs12000*. While you plan to get this implement, make sure that you get a subsoiler from a trusted brand that is compatible with your tractor.

   27-Oct-2023 |   Answer by: Ankit Baghel

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