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Home| Tractors Question| What is the rate of 245 Massey Ferguson?

What is the rate of 245 Massey Ferguson?

03-Aug-2023 |  Asked by: Arif Shaikh

All Answers:


The Massey Ferguson 245 DI is a 50-HP tractor built to perform heavy-duty tasks both on and off the field. The makers of this tractor know how crucial it is for the farmers to have a well-functioning tractor; it is a product of necessity. The rate of 245 Massey Ferguson is Rs. 7.15 to Rs. 7.75 lakhs*. Making it one of the most affordable heavy-duty tractors. It has a powerful engine that can generate a PTO power of 42.5 HP. Massey Ferguson 245 DI has a lifting capacity of 1700 Kg, making it a great choice for farmers and other agricultural purposes. The tractor features a Six Splined Shaft option Qudra pto, which allows the user to switch between different speeds depending on the task. Additionally, it is equipped with sliding mesh transmission, making it suitable for versatile applications.

   03-Aug-2023 |   Answer by: Geeta Khurana

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