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Home| Tractors Question| What is the rate of Solis tractor?

What is the rate of Solis tractor?

27-Jul-2023 |  Asked by: Maniraj

All Answers:


Solis is a trusted tractor brand in India and is best known for manufacturing quality-oriented tractors. The rate of Solis tractors in India depends on the kind of model you’re going to purchase. Different models come with different specifications and features. So, there is no fixed price for Solis tractors. In addition, the prices of Solis tractors in India also vary according to the region and taxes. Hence, it’s better to finalize the tractor model to have an idea of the Solis tractor rate.

However, the market study shows that the Solis tractor prices start from Rs. 5 Lakhs* for the most affordable model and it can go up to Rs. 12 Lakhs* for heavy-duty models.

   28-Jul-2023 |   Answer by: Chiraj gaur

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