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What is the use of puddlers in agriculture?

03-Nov-2023 |  Asked by: Balram Kushji

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A puddler in agriculture refers to a farm implement that assists farmers in soil preparation when they want to transplant rice seedlings in flooded and submerged fields.
Puddler tractor implement enables them to create a mud or slurry consistency in the soil, which is required for the proper transplanting of young rice plants.
The puddler is attached to the tractor using PTO and has rotating blades or a drum that agitates the soil while it's underwater.
As its blades rotate, a slurry with mud-like consistency is created. In the process, soil breaks up.
This puddler implement plays an important role in rice cultivation because:

1. It buries the weed seeds, disrupts the weed growth, and controls the weed growth.
2. It helps soil to retain present nutrients and organic matter. This way, it promotes immediate access to key nutrients in the roots directly.
3. It reduces water loss in the soil as the soil surface becomes well-sealed.
4. It improves soil aeration in submerged fields.

Farmers can do a lot more with this puddler equipment. It's very important that they purchase a puddler that is compatible with their tractors, Puddler price fits in the budget and has adequate power.

   03-Nov-2023 |   Answer by: Samjeet

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