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Where does India rank in agriculture?

08-Sep-2023 |  Asked by: rajesh malviye

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India plays a great role in providing food supply to the population. India’s ranking in agriculture is strong because it stands first or second in producing various agricultural commodities. Around 50% of its population is related to the agriculture industry, directly or indirectly.
India is the world's leading exporter of agricultural products like cotton, rice, and sugar. It’s known as the spice capital of the world as it produces the highest number of varieties and yields of spices. In 2020, India’s agriculture output was the second-highest in the world as it was at the mark of $403.5 billion.
When it comes to milk production, India is the world's largest producer. In addition, India ranks first in the production of jute and pulses. India is fully independent in grain production. It’s not importing grains from other countries. Rather, it is exporting grains to the world. India is the world's second-largest producer of rice, sugarcane, cotton, groundnuts, vegetables and pulses.
India is the world's largest exporter of milled rice and refined sugar. All in all, India is the world's leading food producer and is providing food security to the world by producing essential crops. With more than 58% of its population involved in agriculture, India is becoming the farming hub for the world and that time is near when we will see India to be a top scorer on every front.

   08-Sep-2023 |   Answer by: Bharat Raghuvansi

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