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Recently Asked Question about Mahindra Tractor Implements:

Post-harvest equipment includes balers, straw reapers, threshers, etc.
Post-harvest implements are important because it helps crops in preparing them for market or further processing.
Examples of post-harvest include sun drying, fumigating, curing, sorting, grading, packing, cooling, and crop cleaning.
At tractorgyan, you can find Post-harvest implements in India.
The type of Post harvest implements you can find at tractorgyan are straw reaper, baler, thresher, etc.
At tractorgyan, you can find the updated price for Post harvest implements.
28+ Post-harvest implements models you can find at TractorGyan.
Post-harvest implements price in India starts from Rs. 15000.
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About Post-Harvest Equipment:-

Post-harvest equipment is all the tractor implements that are used after the crops have been harvested, the main motive of clearing up the field so that the crop of the next season can be sown. Post-Harvest implements comes in a wide variety for you to choose from but with a huge range comes great confusion, and since buying any tractor equipment is no less than investing; it becomes crucial to be well-informed while buying Post-harvest Machinery. That is exactly why Tractor Gyan provides you with all the general information to give you a gist of Post-harvest implements price, features, types, and so on.


Types of Post-Harvest Equipment:-

Post Harvest Equipment comes in a wide range all ranging as per their uses. The main aim of Post-harvest implements is to clear up the residuals of previous crops and make the farm ready so that the next batch of seeds can be sown for the upcoming season. The various types of Post-harvest equipment are:


A baler is a kind of Post-harvest equipment that is used to turn all the residual of the crops, such as hay, flax, straw, etc. into bales which can then be used for other purposes such as hay for cattle, etc. it is a time-saving, high speed and highly cost-efficient implement.

Straw Reaper:-

A must-have Post-harvest implement, a straw reaper is a tractor implement that is used to cut, thresh or chop the straws in one go effortlessly and seamlessly, not only does it save time but it also is a quite money-saver tractor implement.


Mulcher helps in cutting, threshing, and chopping the crop residuals finely so that they can be mixed with soil and prevents soil from any harmful disease such as erosion.

Straw Chopper:-

A straw chopper as the name suggests, is used for cutting straw into smaller pieces so that it can be thrown back into the field and mixed with soil. A straw chopper is an efficient tractor implement available at affordable prices.

Benefits of Post-Harvest Tools:-

Apart from just cleaning up the field post-harvest tools has a lot more benefits than just what perceives the eyes. The benefits of Post-Harvest Equipment are:

1. Post-Harvest equipment improves the land quality which results in better-quality crops.
2. Post-harvest implements save the time and effort of the farmers and increase the speed at which the work is done.
3. Using Post Harvest Equipment reduces post-harvest loss
4. This Tractor Implement opens gates for new market opportunities.
5. Enhances nutrition of the crops.
6. Post-Harvest implements initiate better quality production.

Post-Harvest Equipment Prices in India in 2024:

The Post-Harvest Equipment prices are set in such a way that it keeps no farmer away from enjoying the benefits of using Post Harvest tools. One of the primary reasons why the price range is so efficient and affordable is because Post Harvest Equipment is considered to be a necessity machine and hence is required by everyone therefore it is under the reaching limits of all the Indian farmers, the makers of all different companies have made their product affordable. The prices of Post-Harvest Equipment start from a mere Rs. 15000/*- making it one of the most affordable tractor equipment out there.

Where to find the best Post-harvest Machinery In India?

There is no better place than Tractor Gyan to go when you need to know more about Post Harvest Equipment; here you can get reliable and authentic information about Post Harvest equipment.
We hope this blog was able to help you provide a general idea of what are the types and benefits of Post-Harvest machinery if you need more information about any specific post-harvest implements visit our website because at Tractor Gyan you can get information about the individual tractor implement models. We have information on over 20+ Post-Harvest Equipment listed on our website, for you to choose from.

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