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724 XM Orchard NT


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724 XM Orchard NT




Water Cooled with No loss tank

Cooling System

1935 MM

Wheel Base

1000 KG

Lifting Capacity


Engine Cylinder

Swaraj 724 XM orchard NT is a 25 hp tractor that is specially designed for orchard farming and gardening. Swaraj 724 XM orchard NT comes with a 2 cylinder powerful water-cooled engine, which is capable enough to fulfill all your orchard planning and gives you more benefits. Its rear width is narrowed to 43” which allows it to perform operations in orchards and its silencer is designed in a way that it doesn’t interact with the orchard and make operations easy. Swaraj 724 XM orchard NT got 1000 kg of lift capacity which is more than enough for any type of orchard and farming applications. Swaraj 724 XM orchard NT has a lot of special features including : Adjustable check chain which prevents swaying of implements and hence saves crop damage. Power steering has a separate tank for steering oil, oil-immersed brakes providing safety and optimum performance, a deluxe driving seat for the comfort of farmers and many more.