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724 FE 4wd



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Swaraj's new 4WD tractor in the 18.64-22.37 kW (25-30hp) category is the Swaraj 724 FE 4WD. It has a two-cylinder water-cooled engine that is both powerful and efficient. The horsepower of the Swaraj 724 FE 4wd Tractor is 25. It comes with a powerful 1823 CC engine that will give you a great driving experience. This tractor has a lot of hardness and durability, but it also has two cylinders to give you a lot of strength. Its outer to outer width has been reduced to 1120 mm, making it ideal for inter-cultivation and orchard work. Swaraj 724 FE 4WD has a long list of features, including the 25HP power in the engine, dual PTO, 4WD axle for improved stability and pulling power, power steering, side shift gearbox with a wide platform for operator comfort and safety, and more. Swaraj 724 FE 4WD is priced at Rs. 4.18 lakhs to Rs. 4.35 Lakhs*. Swaraj 724 FE 4WD is one of the most popular full-sized tractor models on the market.

History of Swaraj in India

In 1970, the Punjab government purchased the design and established Punjab Tractors Ltd to produce 5000 tractors per year. The tractor was given the name "Swaraj" after Mahatma Gandhi's concept of Swaraj, which signifies economic liberty. The Swaraj 724 was the first Swaraj model, with a power output of 26.5 horsepower.

Swaraj Tractors is the country's second-largest tractor manufacturer today. It has strong brand recognition and consumer connection, as encapsulated in its motto "MeraSwaraj." The Swaraj brand has its roots in the 1960s Green Revolution. Swaraj Tractors became renowned as the fastest-growing tractor brand in the country at the time.

Swaraj tractors regained their previous status as the country's second-largest tractor brand, thanks to the rising tractor sector. More than 100,000 Swaraj tractors are sold in India each year, and the company has a significant rising presence in surrounding countries and certain African markets.

Swaraj has produced many tractors and lined them up in the market having said that the most affordable and reliable for small farmers for harvesting is Swaraj 724 FE. To get to know more about it let’s discuss it in detail.

Features of Swaraj 724 FE 4WD 

  • Swaraj 724 FE 4WD is one of the most well-known tractors from the Swaraj tractor brand among farmers. Swaraj's tractor is one of the most popular options on the market.

  • The Swaraj 724 FE 4WD, like the other models available, is loaded with current features that help to make this tractor the most wanted tractor. 

  • Swaraj tractors are well-known for their dependability and low-cost maintenance. Swaraj 724 FE 4WD starts at Rs. 4.18 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 4.35 lakhs. 

  • The Swaraj 724 FE is one of the most popular full-sized tractor models on the market. The tractor's popularity is well defined as a result of its superior features and attachment capabilities. 

  • This tractor is suitable for both agricultural and commercial use. Tilling, sowing, puddling, and hauling are all common operations for the Swaraj 724 FE 4WD.

  • The Swaraj 724 FE 4WD tractor is a fuel-efficient machine.

  • The Swaraj 724 FE 4WD has a reputation for overall performance and dependability. This dependable tractor is powered by an 1824 cc diesel engine with a total output of 25 HP. 

  • A single dry disc friction plate connects this engine to the transmission. This transmission is paired with a 10-speed gearbox with a combination of 8 forward and 2 backward gears. Swaraj 724 FE 4WD is a tractor with four wheels.

  • The tractor's diesel engine is a 2-cylinder unit with a capacity of 1824 CC. This engine produces a total of 25 horsepower. 

  • Swaraj tractor engines are noted for their dependability and ability to handle big loads. This tractor's mix of features makes it India's most efficient and cost-effective tractor.

  • The Swaraj 724 FE 4WD is packed with current features for the farmers' and operators' convenience. Adjustable chairs, bright lighting, and a slew of other modern amenities are among them.

What is the Price of Swaraj 724 FE 4WD in India?

Swaraj 724 FE 4WD starts at Rs. 4.18 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 4.35 lakhs*. One of the most popular full-sized tractor models on the market is the Swaraj 724 FE 4WD. It is the most affordable and margin friendly tractor of the Swaraj brand.

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HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 1200 Kg

HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 1200 Kg

HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 1500 Kg

HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 906 Kg


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Yes, You can buy Swaraj 724 FE 4wd tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of this tractor is NA.
Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is NA liters
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.
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