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DI 305 NG

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DI 305 NG

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1855 MM

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1200 Kg

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The Ace DI 305 NG comprises excellent features along with specifications that touch the high scale in the market. The Ace DI 305 NG proves to be one of the best tractors among the farmers as it offers a 26hp engine with a 2044 CC engine displacement size and 2 cylinders. The 1800 engine-rated RPM of this great ace 305 hp tractor. Additionally, the dry air cleaner's engine and internal machinery are shielded from dust emissions. The Ace DI 305 NG price is Rs. 4.30 lacs* to 4.60 lacs* respectively.

Features and Specifications of Ace DI 305 NG:-

Due to its cutting-edge features and technology, ACE DI-305NG is renowned as an option for modern farmers. The power output of the ACE DI-305NG is 26 HP. The Ace di 305 NG is built with 8 forward plus 2 reverse gears which are connected to its engine to improvise and enhance the performance of the tractor over the field. These gears assist in maximizing the tractor's performance on the road and in the fields. The rear 2 wheels of the 2-wheel drive ACE DI-305NG tractor provide propulsion. There is a 1200 KG lifting capacity for ace tractor 305. The mechanical steering options for this tractor are available to give maximum comfort and productivity. Due to the tractor's dry disc brake option, its unmatched engine performance also improves the tractor's breaking capability. 

The ace di 305 ng has a single smooth arm drop steering for better driving and oil-immersed brakes that offer safety and caution to the farmer. It also has a 55-liter fuel tank with advanced hydraulic lifting capabilities, and its four-wheel drive helps in the more effective completion of farming tasks. 

The ace di 305 ng is in high demand among farmers due to its amazing features, and the tractor even has a dry cleaner that keeps the tractor's internal components stable and cold to prevent overheating.

Ace 305 hp model suggests a maximum forward speed of 27.78 km/h and a minimum reverse speed of 11.31 kmph. The ace tractor 305 includes oil-immersed brakes, which offer the driver on-the-field safety it has a lifting capacity of 1200kgs. Its 55-liter gasoline tank allows for continuous operation in both the field and on the road for extended periods.

The Ace DI 305 NG tractor's advanced features and easy-to-operate function enable you to easily complete all of your responsibilities. Additionally, these tractors are used to cultivate a variety of crops. The tractor's super-efficient transmission ensures enhanced PTO power for improved functionality with rotary implements. The Ace DI 305 NG tractor in India in 2023 will still have amazing features.

The ace di 305 NG is a tractor powered by a 2-cylinder, diesel engine with a 2044 CC capacity. In particular, the engine is renowned for its dependability and performance in heavy-duty applications. Ace 305 hp tractor has a highly developed 6 spline type PTO with a 22 HP. The ace di 305 ng is a wheelbase tractor with an overall length of 3550 mm, a full-sized tractor with a wheelbase of 1855 mm, and a weight of 1780 kg.

What is the Price of Ace DI 305 NG in India?

The Ace DI 305 NG price is 4.30 lakhs – 4.60 lakhs respectively. The price seems to be affordable and budget friendly as the Ace DI 305 offers features mainly like the tractor features excellent steering with 8+2 gear choices for driving in various conditions. Its construction is excellent for use in farming tasks that require fuel efficiency. 

A variety of equipment is included with the tractor, including a bumper, tools, ballast weights, top link, canopy, hitch, and drawbar. Ace tractor 305 stylish meter console provides a clear view of the vehicle's speed, range, and fuel level. Therefore because of the highly advanced features and price command, 305 ace tractor is in demand amongst farmers. The Ace DI 305 DI NG promises to offer the highest earnings which are guaranteed and requires minimal maintenance. The cost of the Ace DI 305 NG tractor is also determined with consideration for the financial capabilities of marginal and small farmers.

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Recently Asked Question About Ace DI 305 NG Tractor:

Ace DI 305 NG is a 25.7 HP Tractor.
Ace DI 305 NG has 25.7 HP PTO.
Ace DI 305 NG has 8F+ 2R gears.
Ace DI 305 NG has Sinhle Drop Arm.
Ace DI 305 NG has 2 Engine Cylinder.
Ace DI 305 NG has Dry Type, Single.
Ace DI 305 NG has 1800 Engine RPM.
Yes, You can buy Ace DI 305 NG tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of Ace DI 305 NG tractor is 1200 Kg.
"Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 55 L liters"
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.

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