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7.45-8.30 Lacs

*Ex-Showroom price of tractor

  • Powertrac Euro 60 Tractor Price, Feature, Specification, Full Review Video. Powertrac Euro 60 Tractor On-road Price in India
  • Powertrac Euro 60 Tractor Price, Feature, Specification, Full Review Video. Powertrac Euro 60 Tractor On-road Price in India




Euro 60



Cooling System


Wheel Base

2220 MM

Lifting Capacity

1800 Kg

Engine Cylinder


The Powertrac Euro 60 Tractor has a 4-cylinder engine with an RPM of 2200. The Powertrac Euro 60 engine has a displacement of 3680 cubic centimetres. Powertrac Euro 60 mileage is ideal for all fields. In India, the Powertrac Euro 60 is very reasonably priced. Powertrac Euro 60 is a 60 HP tractor with a 3680 cc engine and a rated RPM of 2200.With 8 forward and 2 reverse gear options, the Powertrac Euro 60 is fitted with a Constant Mesh gearbox.

Powertrac Euro 60 will reach forward speeds of 3.0 to 34.1 kmph and reverse speeds of 3.4 to 12.1 kmph with this range of 8+2 gear choices. Powertrac Euro 60 has a 6-spline style PTO with a 540 PTO RPM speed and a 51 HP power output. Auto draught control and control valves are now possible thanks to advanced hydraulics.The user can easily run the Powertrac Euro 60 with Balanced Power steering. The Powertrac Euro 60 has a sturdy build and excellent stability. Powertrac Euro 60 has a weight of 2400 kg and a wheelbase of 2220 mm. These dimensions and weights make it easier to compare parts and choose your favourite tractor. Powertrac Euro 60 is available with 2 or 4 wheel drive.

Powertrac Euro 60 Tractor's Feature in India 2021

  • Constant mesh dual clutch transmission, oil-immersed braking, and hydrostatic steering are the key Powertrac Euro 60 options.

  • Powertrac Euro 60 is simple to use and can be used in a variety of applications, including pulling.

  • Powertrac Euro 60 is a versatile and durable crop that is commonly used in maize, corn, and sugarcane.

  • With a forward speed of 3.0-34.1 kmph and a reverse speed of 3.4-12.1 kmph, the Powertrac 60 Euro has an 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearbox.

  • A 12 V 75 AH battery and a 12 V 36 A alternator are included with the Powertrac 60 HP tractor.

  • The Powertrac Euro 60 tractor has an 1800 kg hydraulic lifting capability and a 60 litre fuel tank.

  • The 6 Spline shaft style PTO on the Powertrac Euro 60 has a speed of 540 PTO and 1810 ERPM.

  • The gross weight of the Powertrac Tractor 60 Hp is 2400 kg, with a ground clearance of 432 mm.

  • Powertrac Euro has a 3250 MM turning radius with brakes, which improves field controllability.

  • Powertrac Euro 60 clutches are available in Dual or Independent configurations. When using rotavators and other farming equipment, it is very convenient and simple to handle.

  • Oil-immersed brakes on the Powertrac Euro 60 make the tractor stop quickly and are simple to maintain.

  • The front tyres on the Powertrac Euro 60 are 7.5 x 16 and the rear tyres are 16.9 x 28.

  • The average length of the Powertrac Euro 60 is 3.7 metres.

Powertrac Euro 60 tractor's Price in India 2021

The Powertrac Euro 60 tractor on road price is between Rs. 7.50 and Rs. 8.10 lakh*.

The above data has been given to you by the Tractorgyan for the most extreme advantage of our farmers.

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Review By: Sachin     06-09-2020


Review By: Deepak     11-08-2020


60एचपी का है 4 सिलिंडर है बिल्कुल दमदार इंजन है इंजन इतना अच्छा धुआ नहीं छोड़ता आवाज बिल्कुल सही मतलब अगर तकटभर ट्रैक्टर खरीदोगे तो क्वालिटी तो मिलेगी। ट्रैक्टर हाइड्रोलिक बढ़िया है बाकी पीटीओ सारे फीचर बढ़िया है। इसे चलाने का एक सुख है।

Review By: Mettina     31-07-2020


This is a very good Tractor and I am using this tractor for 5 months. It is a very comfortable tractor and can be used for all farm applications. It can also be used with many implements. It has a very good engine capacity. The hydraulic lifting capacity and the fuel tank capacity of the tractor is excellent. This tractor requires very less servicing.

Review By: Akash     16-06-2020



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