Trakstar tractors in India

HP:- 40
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capacity:- 1400 Kg
HP:- 45
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capacity:- 1400 Kg
HP:- 50
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capacity:- 1400 Kg
HP:- 31
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capacity:- 1400 Kg
HP:- 36
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capacity:- 1400 Kg
HP:- 50
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capacity:- NA

About Trakstar Tractor

Trakstar tractors in India is one of the oldest brands in the industry, it has dedicatedly served 80% of the Indian market and thus, it plays a prominent role in the selling and manufacturing of par excellent tractors that are majorly for commercial and arming purposes. The company is the 3rd largest brand owned under the name of Mahindra & Mahindra brand. The company has, however, tended to achieve better and greater results in the production of the finest tractors in India. The company has manufactured the best tractors that have exceptional specifications and features. Back in ancient times, farmers used to manage the farm with their own skills and efforts but post-independence and world-war economy the need of having a tractor emerged like anything. The cause was to help the farmers to carry out their daily operations in a modified structure so that they can easily yield high productivity. Thus, having the Trakstar tractor model in the industry was the need of the hour, the tractor has all the specifications and functionalities that affects a lot.

History Of Trakstar Tractors In India

Trakstar tractors in India was the innovation of making tractors in 1912 Pashabai Patel imported tractors in India, the tractor came into the market for making farmer’s work easy and more efficient. The Trakstar tractors are the 3rd brand of Mahindra & Mahindra and the tractors have an engine efficiency of 30 to 50 HP which is considered ideal and best amongst other tractors. The ideal tractors are one which has all the best specifications and functions to perform, it is important to know about the efficiency of the tractors as well. The need for bringing the Trakstar tractors to the market was to blend technology with the farming industry. To facilitate agricultural modifications, promoting the tractors is very important and hence, getting updated with new updations in the tech world is very important. The Trakstar tractor models in India are the best of the tractor category and they have intricate design and metallic structure that makes it overall a high in demand automobile. During the post-independence and post-world-war economy there was a huge demand for tractors and farm implements that could simplify the work of the farmers.

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Which are the popular Trakstar tractors in India?

Trakstar company is the agri-equipment organisation that has changed the entire scenario of the tractor company in India. The idea of launching this quality tractor is to improve and uplift the lives of farmers in India. The growth and development of the farmers are very important for their upliftment and progress. However, to add more strength and power to the farming culture it is important to keep on getting updated with modern technology. Trakstar tractor models are the best example of modern and innovative trends in the tractor industry. Here are some of the popular Trakstar tractor models that you must know in advance -

Trakstar 540

40 HP

Rs. 5.60 Lakh - 5.95 Lakh*

Trakstar 545

45 HP

Rs. 6.05 Lakh - 6.40 Lakh*

Trakstar 450

50 HP

Rs. 6.50 Lakh*

Trakstar 550

50 HP

Rs. 6.80 Lakh*

Trakstar 536

36 HP

Rs. 5.20 Lakh - 5.50 Lakh*

Trakstar 531

31 HP

Rs. 4.90 Lakh - 5.20 Lakh*


These are the popular Trakstar tractor models list with their prices and engine HP given in the tabular presentation. The engine HP of Trakstar tractors in India lies between 31 HP - 50 HP. the prices of Trakstar tractors in India ranges between 4.90 Lakhs - 6.80 Lakhs*. The most expensive tractor is worth Rs 6.80 Lakhs and is considered to be the best model in the category.

What are the prices of Trakstar tractors in India?

Good quality things always have good prices, but Trakstar tractors prove this myth to be awfully wrong. Because Trakstar tractors are now available in a much affordable and economical range. Surprisingly the prices for Trakstar tractors in India are easy to afford and come under the budget of every farmer. The company always intends to improve the living standards of the farmers by making things affordable for them. The competitive prices of Trakstar tractor models start from Rs 4.90 Lakhs* and the most expensive Trakstar tractors are worth Rs 6.80 Lakhs. Thus, the models of this company lay under the bar of 10 Lakhs which is considered to be very affordable and easy to incur for the farmers of different classes.

Where to get second-hand Trakstar tractors in India?

It is always good to have alternative options for easing out the work of farming and the agricultural industry. Trakstar second hand tractor models open up the opportunity for the farmers to get the best and quality prone tractor within their feasible budget and desires. At Tractor Gyan we help sellers to FREE list their used Trakstar tractors in India with the actual price and other details, so now if you are desperately looking for second-hand Trakstar models then Tractor Gyan is the place of the hunt. You’ll probably get all the required information here which will help you make a worthy decision of purchasing the Trakstar tractor model or not. Having a second-hand Trakstar tractor of the same quality as the new one is not a bad deal; you must definitely take advantage of it. 


Who are the dealers of Trakstar tractors in India?

Having dealers for promoting and selling the tractors across the nation is very important. This helps the companies spread across the country and get transferred into big brands. The dealers of this brand have helped the Trakstar tractors get more powerful recognition and an unbreakable reputation in India. This tractor model does a great job in terms of its efficiency and performance and thus, it is obvious for the market to accept the tractor and drive high demand for it. Framers prefer having Trakstar tractor models even for small or large, fertile or rugged land. Turning and twisting the tractors across the field is not that difficult for farmers, Trakstar tractors make work easy and convenient for all the farmers. In India, Trakstar company has 225 dealers and 13 are offices which facilitate the easy flow of sales and promotion of the tractors. To get in touch with the nearest Trakstar tractor dealer in India visit Tractor Gyan. We have a complete list of Trakstar dealers in India that may help you in purchasing the best deal tractor.