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What are the features of Massey Ferguson 6028 4wd?

27-Feb-2021 |  Asked by: Pavan

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Massey Ferguson 6028 has a rigid front axle which provides versatility when operating in different crops and row widths.
Massey Ferguson 6028 tractor model is a powerful all-rounder and one of the best performers in its category.
Massey Ferguson 6028 equipped with 6 Forward Gears 2 Rear Gears with these set of gears options Massey Ferguson 6028 can achieve forward speed in a range of 20.1 kmph.
Massey Ferguson 6028 fitted with Oil immersed brakes which stops the tractor quickly and are easy to maintain and have longer life.
Massey Ferguson 6028 gives a PTO power Output of 24 HP.
Massey Ferguson 6028 has 25 liters of fuel capacity to complete a wide variety of tasks.
Massey Ferguson 6028 fitted with 5 X 12 front tyres and 8.3 X 20 rear tyres.
Massey Ferguson 6028 is a 4 wheel Drive tractor.
Massey Ferguson 6028 has a wheelbase of 1520 mm.
The Massey Ferguson 6028 weighs 960 kg and has an overall length of 2.92 meters.
Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD has a single clutch, which provides smooth and easy functioning.
Massey tractor 6028 4WD steering type is Power Steering from that tractor and gets easy to control and fast response.
The tractor has Oil Immersed Brakes which provide high grip and low slippage.
The Massey tractor 6028 4WD has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 739 kg, and Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD mileage is economical in every field.
Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD has 6 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes.
Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD hp is 28 HP.
Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD engine rated RPM is 2109 RPM which is very powerful.
Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD engine Capacity is 1318 CC.
Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD steering is Power(Steering).
Massey ferguson 6028 4WD comes with a Single Clutch Clutch and this improves its capacity and makes it outstands in its field.
Massey ferguson 6028 4WD tractor comes with an option to choose between Oil Immersed Brakes brakes that provide it with a viable grasp and it also prevents slippage.
It has an exceptional mileage with a fuel capacity of 25 Lit that results in longer working hours.
Massey ferguson 6028 4WD has both Mechanical and Power Steering options and 6 Forward + 2 Reverse Gear Box.

   06-Mar-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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