All Swaraj Tractors In India

HP:- 20
Cylinder:- 1
Lifting Capicity:- 1000 Kg
HP:- 55
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 2000 Kg
HP:- 42
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1700 Kg
HP:- 60
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 2200 Kg
HP:- 25
Cylinder:- 2
Lifting Capicity:- 1000 KG
HP:- 38
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1200 KG
HP:- 42
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capicity:- 1000 KG
HP:- 45
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capicity:- 1700 KG

About Swaraj Tractors

Swaraj tractors are a tractor and farm equipment manufacturing brand which is currently a subdivision of Mahindra and Mahindra group. Formerly swaraj tractors were established as Punjab tractors limited but later in 2007, Mahindra took over it and again in 2009 it was renamed as swaraj division. Punjab tractors were the first Indian company to manufacture tractors in India, giving a new direction to the self-dependency of India. This organization was started in 1960 at Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) as a design project in Durgapur West Bengal which later established itself into an organization in Mohali (Punjab). 

Swaraj tractors history dates back to 1974 when it delivered its first tractor to farmers, and since 40 years swaraj is delivering quality products to Indian farmers ranging from 15HP to 60 HP. And because of swaraj tractor's consistent quality, powerful products, and reliable services, farmers of India choose swaraj as their preferred choice.

The Swaraj brand has a rich history over the last 40 years and offers products in less than 20 hp to 60 hp category. Swaraj has a longstanding reputation amongst the farmers and the brand is synonymous with trust, power & reliability.

Swaraj Tractors History

Swaraj Product portfolio includes tractors from 15 HP to a 60 HP category, which caters to the farmer's need for various agricultural operations. Swaraj models have special features suitable for agriculture and haulage application. We organize various activities to connect with its customers like Swaraj Satkar where farmers are felicitated by senior management. Our teams organize various customer engagement activities such as free service camps, Swast Tractor Swast Chalak, Doorstep service, and Swaraj Aabhar. Swaraj has been undertaking various CSR initiatives undertaken through Employee Social Option (ESOPs). 

The Swaraj brand has a rich history and over the last 40 years it has a longstanding reputation amongst the farmers and the brand is synonymous with trust, power & reliability.

  • Solid & Powerful engine for smooth functioning in extreme conditions

  • Customer-centric approach – Over 11 lacs satisfied users

  • Leadership in CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Distinct styling and unique identity of Swaraj tractors

  • Every part used in manufacturing is thoroughly Quality checked before use

Swaraj Tractors Milestones

1965 - The seed of Swaraj was sown In August 1965 in CSIR lab.

1970 - Punjab Govt. through PSIDC established PTL to manufacture tractors.

1974 - Swaraj Tractor 724 (26.5 HP) tractor commercially launched.

1980 - India's first self-propelled Harvester combine-Swaraj 8100 developed by own R&D commercially launched. Set up of Swaraj Foundry Division for manufacturing Castings. Acquired Punjab Scooters LTD (Named as Swaraj Automotive Ltd.)

1983 - Expansion of annual capacity to 12,000 tractors per annum at Plant 1 Mohali. Swaraj 855 launched in the 50 hp category.

1984 - Swaraj Mazda Ltd. Promoted in technical and financial collaboration with Mazda Motor Corp& Sumitomo Corp, Japan for the manufacturing of Light Commercial Vehicles.

1986 - Swaraj Engines LTD promoted for manufacturing of diesel engines in technical & financial collaboration with Kirloskar Oil Engines (KOEL).

1995 - Plant2 established with an annual capacity of manufacturing of 12000 tractors.

1999 - Launch of Swaraj 744

2000 - Completed the annual tractor capacity of 60,000.

2002 - Cumulative sales of Swaraj tractors (to date) touches 5,00,000.

2003 - PSIDC divested its entire equity holding (23.49%) in PTL to a private equity firm.

2005 - PTL disinvested 15% of its holding out of 29 % in favor of Sumitomo Corp, Japan.

2007 - M&M acquired PTL. Swaraj formulated its Vision "to be within top 2 brands in India" by 2013 and initiated TQM. Swaraj 724 FE Orchard and Swaraj 978 launched.

2009 - PTL disinvested its remaining shareholding in favor of Sumitomo Corp, Japan. PTL merges with M&M to become M&M FES -Swaraj Division Swaraj Tractor population crosses 7,00,000. Achieved Stage 4 in the MQW cycle 1 assessment. Launch of 735 XM – the first of the XM series of models. Launch of 843XM – building on the XM series.

2011 - Rated Highest In Industry for Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) & CaPS. Swaraj Division achieved Stage-5 in MQW Assessment

2012 - Launch of 825XM, 841XM, 744XM, 855XM - strengthening the product portfolio with XM Series. Rated Highest In Industry for Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). Swaraj becomes the second tractor company in the world to win the prestigious DEMING Prize.

2012 - Rated Highest In Industry for Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

2013 - Swaraj Division Plant 1 and Plant 2 Won TPM Excellence Award From JIPM.

2014 - Launch of 735XT and 724ORCH NT.

2015 - Launch of 960FE and 717.

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