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  • John deere 5050 4WD
 tractor brand


 tractor model


5050 4WD

tractor hp



tractor Cooling System

Cooling System


 tractor Wheel Base

Wheel Base

1970 MM

 tractor Lifting Capacity

Lifting Capacity

1600 KG

tractor Cylinder

Engine Cylinder


The John Deere 5050 4WD is a tractor with unmatched power, performance, and productivity, the John Deere tractor 5050 has a strong bond with farmers. John Deere 5050 hp is 50 hp and is suitable for all heavy-duty farming tasks. John Deere 5050 4WD price is Rs. 7.00 lacs to Rs. 8.55 lacs*.

The John Deere Brand is continually looking for new ways to improve. The outstanding tractor 5050 4WD is now available for purchase. The farmer's favorite tractor is the 5050 4WD tractor. There is no rival on the market that can match the performance and productivity of the John Deere 5050 4WD. Both 2WD and 4WD versions of the 5050 D are available. John Deere designed the 5050 4WD with tractor-related heavy-duty operations in mind. 

Power steering is included with this tractor. John Deere's JDLINK program is connected to the 5050 4WD. This 5050 D 4WD tractor provides 8 to 10% greater torque than any other John Deere tractor in the D series. John Deere 5050 4WD price is affordable and economical.

John Deere 5050 4WD Features and Specifications:-

The tractor can generate a large amount of torque Power steering is included. HY-Tech features are used in combination with the JDLINK program to monitor the tractor's health.

The John Deere 5050 4WD tractor is the most expensive and well-known tractor in the 50-horsepower engine category. It features three cylinders and a NA cc engine that produces 2100 ERPM. The tractor provides economical mileage in the fields, as well as extra, mild performance, making it a popular choice among farmers. 5050 John Deere tractors' choice, preference, and quality are all carefully considered, and it's safe to state that John Deere tractors have their name and reputation for excellent functions and mind-blowing features.

John Deere tractor 5050 4wd features a sliding mesh clutch that allows for smooth and simple operation. It includes eight forward and four reverse gearboxes to boost the engine's performance. This increased its utility while also increasing its efficiency. In India, the John Deere 5050 4WD tractor is a heavy-duty, high-performance tractor with oil-immersed brakes to prevent driver slippage and accidents. With multi-efficiency use, the tractor has power and smooth handling. 5050 John deere tractor features 4WD and a lifting capacity of 1600 kg, which aids in easy pulling and lifting quality.

It has a 60-liter huge fuel tank that may be used for lengthy periods on farms. With an automatic depth and draught control linkage system, the John Deere 5050 D - 4WD has a powerful pulling capacity of 1600 Kg The tractor is dust-free and has a dry-type dual-element air filter followed by 8x18 front tires and 14.9x28 rear tires and is four-wheel-drive. 

The farmers' comfort and convenience are enhanced by features such as a premium seat, a mobile charging slot, and other amenities. It's ideal for extras like a toolbox, canopy, ballast weight, and drawbar, among others. 

The John Deere 5050 D - 4WD has a wheelbase of 1970 MM and weighs 1975 KG. The tractor has a 430 mm ground clearance and a 2900 mm turning radius. The John Deere 5050 D - 4WD is a strong tractor with all of the features needed by today's farmers. John deere tractor 5050 4wd will undoubtedly increase your farm's yield and increase the amount produced. Many Indian farmers admire this tractor because of its high-quality features. This four-wheel-drive tractor is also one of the most dependable tractors in the brand's line-up.

What is the Price of John Deere 5050 4WD?

The tractor's pricing is largely influenced by its incredible specifications and features. As a result, the tractor remains one of the most in-demand and high-demand items. The John Deere 5050 4WD tractor is the most reliable, requiring less maintenance and yielding higher profits. John Deere 5050 4WD price is accessible at an economical which is 7.00 lacs to 8.55 lacs*.

How Will Tractor Gyan Help You?

Tractor Gyan will assist you in learning more about the tractor by presenting you with a variety of options based on your needs, wants, and budget. as well as comprehensive information on the John Deere 5050 4WD on-road price, and other critical factors.


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Review By: Alok     20-03-2023


john deere 5050 hp best tractor hp

Review By: Krishna     04-03-2023


best feature of john deere 5050 is john deere 5050 hp

Review By:      27-02-2023


John Deere 4wd 5050d

Review By: Surinder     21-02-2023


john deere 5050 hp bahut zordaar hai

Review By: Monu     21-02-2023


5050 john deere tractor is nice tractor

Review By:      11-02-2023


john deere tractor on road price uske features aur john deere 5050 hp sabse zabrdast hai

Review By: Sameer     04-02-2023


5050 john deere hp bahut gazab h aur 5050 john deere tractor ek shandar aur damdaar trctor h

Review By: Sehaj     28-01-2023


john deere 5050 tractor behad bdia kaam karta h and john deere tractor price kamal h.

Review By: surya     13-01-2023


mujhe sabse achi chhez isme power steering lgti hai jisse aasani se tractor ko control kr skte aur 5050 john deere tractor price thoda mehga hai. prr kam shi karta hai.

Review By: Sujal     12-01-2023


john deere 5050d 4wd price jordar h aur tractor john deere company bdia tractor bnati h

Review By:      06-01-2023


bahut hi badiya hain john deere 5050 mileage ... look m acha hain .. john deere tractor on road price bhi sahi hain. sbhi bhaiyo ko yahi tractor khridne ki salah dunga

Review By:      02-01-2023


john deere 5050 4wd

Review By: Ashok     06-12-2022


John deere tractor 5050 4wd khet me acha kaam karta hai aur 5050 john deere tractor rate bhi shi hai.

Review By:      18-11-2022



Review By: Arish     14-08-2020


अच्छा ट्रक्टर है ये इसके सब फीएचर अच्छे हैं पर ये वजन कम उटाह पता ये सरल चलता है बिल्कुल आर्म्ससे सब काम कर पाता हूं

Review By: Rahul     13-08-2020



Review By: Raghav     14-07-2020


It is a strong and excellent tractor, it works nicely in farm even on rainy days. it is powerful and it has a powerful engine. it works smoothly and its transmissions are really good. Everyone in my home likes it and it is easy to use with its help i can easily do my farm work.

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Recently Asked Question About John deere 5050 4WD Tractor:

John deere 5050 4WD is a 50 HP Tractor.
John deere 5050 4WD has 50 HP PTO.
John deere 5050 4WD has Collarshift.
John deere 5050 4WD has 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gears.
John deere 5050 4WD has Oil immersed disc brakes.
John deere 5050 4WD has 3 Engine Cylinder.
John deere 5050 4WD has Single/dual.
John deere 5050 4WD has 2100 Engine RPM.
Yes, You can buy John deere 5050 4WD tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of John deere 5050 4WD tractor is 1600 KG.
"Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 60 Lit liters"
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.

John Deere 5050D, John Deere 5045D, John Deere 5105, John Deere 5036D and John Deere 3028 EN are the most popular John deere tractor models.

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