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50 powermaxx

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2145 MM

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1800 Kg

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Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx is one of the most famous tractors of farmtrac. Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx horsepower is 50 hp tractor. The farmtrac 50 powermaxx price is Rs 6.70 to 6.98 lacs*. Farmtrac, one of the tractor manufacturing pioneers of the country certainly needs no introduction, the tractor's quality and performance are the reason for the strong client base which is ever-increasing, and the reputation and the hold they have on the market speak for them.

Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx, one of the best sellers by Farmtrac. 50 Powermaxx is a heavy-duty tractor that is made primarily to be used on Indian land by  Indian farmers. Farmtrac 50 HP tractor has balanced power steering and can hold up to 60 liters of fuel ensuring longevity in the field. Making it a perfect match for Indian Farmers.

We understand that buying a tractor is no less than a huge commitment for farmers that is exactly why we provide you with this information. Given below are the Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx Price in India, features, and specifications to get you the idea and appropriate information to help you in making the right decision.

Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx Features and Specifications:

50 Powermaxx a farmtrac tractor, which ensures long working hours both on and off the field, for farming on the field, and for the purpose of transportation of goods from one place to another off the field as well as on the construction sites. Here are the features and specifications of Farmtrac tractor 50 Powermaxx.

Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx comes with a strong Horsepower of 50 HP fit for all heavy-duty tasks, an engine capacity of 3510 CC, and 3 cylinders to hold sufficient fuel. Farmtrac Powermaxx 50 Has multi-plate oil immersed brakes to ensure utmost safety. Has balanced power steering, and dual-clutch, and can hold up to 60 liters of fuel. 2WD Drive type. The best part is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. The wheelbase size both front and rear are 6.00 X 16 14.9 x 28 respectively.

What is the Price of  Farmtrac 50 powermaxx in India?

Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx is undoubtedly one of the most famous and trendiest tractors that India has, given its features and specifications evidently the price range must be high right? Well, the reality is totally 180 degrees from this, Powermaxx Farmtrac 50 hp Price is set by keeping in mind the users, the Indian farmers, and the Indian economic state, the price perfectly matches the Indian pricing range. 

Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx price range is Rs. 6.70 to 6.98 Lakh* making it a perfect package. This is why it is considered to be the tractor for Indians.

Not only this the fact is that it has universal adaptability with all of the tractor implements of every kind from every company. Making it possibly the best tractor to invest in, not to forget the features and specifications makes it more of a value-for-money kind of tractor.

Where to Find a Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx Tractor?

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we hope we were able to help you with details about Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx price, feature, mileage, and specification. For more information about anything and everything related to agriculture keep visiting our page tractorgyan and never miss any update on the agriculture world.


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Recently Asked Question About Farmtrac 50 powermaxx Tractor:

Farmtrac 50 powermaxx is a 50 HP Tractor.
Farmtrac 50 powermaxx has 50 HP PTO.
Farmtrac 50 powermaxx has Full Constant Mesh.
Farmtrac 50 powermaxx has 8F+2R gears.
Farmtrac 50 powermaxx has Multi Plate Oil Immersed Brakes.
Farmtrac 50 powermaxx has Balanced Power Steering.
Farmtrac 50 powermaxx has 3 Engine Cylinder.
Farmtrac 50 powermaxx has Dual Clutch.
Farmtrac 50 powermaxx has 1850 RPM Engine RPM.
Yes, You can buy Farmtrac 50 powermaxx tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of Farmtrac 50 powermaxx tractor is 1800 Kg.
"Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 60 Ltrs liters"
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.
Farmtrac 60 and farmtrac 45 are the most popular tractor models.

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