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575 DI

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575 DI



Cooling System

Water Cooled

Wheel Base

1945 MM

Lifting Capacity

1600 Kg

Engine Cylinder


Mahindra 575 tractor in India is one of the best and the most productive tractors. Mahindra 575 DI is the top model in the series, which is compatible with every and any type of implement such as plough, rotavator, cultivator, seeding, etc. The fit with all kinds of implements, all-rounder Mahindra’s Mahindra 575 di tractor model is the tractor manufactured for today’s Indian farmers, with price ranging from lowest 5.35 lakhs and going up till 6.09 lakhs the on-road prices may vary as per models, with horsepower being 45, 4 cylinder engine unit available with air-cooled setup, Mahindra 575 DI unit comes with 10 gears 8 forwards and 2 reverse, which helps to boost up and achieve the speed 29.5 Kmph in forwarding gears. 2 pair of tires are used the front ones being 6 X 16 inches i.e. smaller than the rear ones 13.6 x 28/ 14.9 X 28. This tractor is suitable for both agricultural and commercial purposes.

Mahindra is one of the trusted brands in India, with almost 76 years of serving the customer with the best in the automobile industry. Mahindra has an A-class variety when it comes to agricultural vehicles such as tractors or even tractor implements. One such amazing model of Mahindra’s tractor series is Mahindra 575 DI, which goes perfectly with the aim of Mahindra, of manufacturing effective and efficient tractors that are affordable tractors without compromising the quality, suitable for farmers all around the country. Mahindra 575 DI is the top model in the series, which is compatible with every and any type of implement such as plough, rotavator, cultivator, seeding, etc.

As mentioned earlier Mahindra 575 being an affordable tractor pricing starts from Rs 5.35  lakhs and can range up to  Rs. 6.09 lakhs. Known as the best agricultural tractor, Mahindra 575 DI is a popular choice for Indian farmers due to its ability to be attached to universal implements, and the fact that it is affordable, making it a favourite choice of every farmer. Farmers all around India have trusted Mahindra tractors for ages, but with modernization spreading like a wildfire all around the world, the all-new Mahindra 575 DI is the choice of a new age and modern Indian farmers, with a power output of 45 HP the engine of Mahindra 575 DI has been combined with a 10-speed gearbox which has total 10 gears, 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, to ensure the optimum performance from the tractor in the fields and grounds. As for wheels, Mahindra 575 DI has a total of 4 wheels two smaller and two bigger, the smaller ones are situated in the front and the bigger ones at the rear. The tractor comes with a lifting capacity of 1600 kg. With ultimate comfort in mind and max productivity to be delivered this tractor comes with mechanical/power steering options. Impeccable engine performance and improved breaking capacity of the tractor, this tractor is available with both dry or oil-immersed brakes. The tractor is equipped with modern elements which help to deliver maximum productivity.

Mahindra 575 di Tractor's Features:

  • No Of cylinders- 4-cylinder engine unit.

  • Capacity- Can hold up to 2730 CC

  • Rate of Engine RPM- 1900

  • Fuel Tank- 47.5 lt

  • Transmission Type- Partial Constant Mesh

  • Transmission (Optional-Sliding Mesh)

  • Number of gears-  10 in all 8 forward 2 reverse

  • Lift Capacity at Hitch- 1600 Kg

  • Wheel Base- 1945 mm

Special Features:

Mahindra 575 DI being a full-sized tractor comes with a wheelbase of 1945 mm and an overall 3570 mm. The ground clearance of the tractor is 350 mm and the weight is 1860 kgs, equipped with modern features for the comfort of farmers and operators. These features include adjustable seats, powerful headlamps, and many more advanced features.

Mahindra 575 DI is available with a power steering option, this helps to increase comfort and productivity in the fields. This tractor is accompanied by a toolbox and hardtop cabin to protect the operator from the sun. The exclusive features also include oil immersed brakes and a dual-clutch. The combination of graphics and special features makes this tractor an exclusive and perfect choice for Indian Farmers.

Unique Selling Points of Mahindra 575 DI:

  • Fuel-Efficient Engine 

  • Popular Tractor Model

  • Affordable service and maintenance cost

  • Spare Parts can be found easily

  • Made in India tractor 

  • The tractor has a 45 HP engine that enhances its efficiency.

  • The tractor has 4 unique cylinders with maximum torque.

  • The tractor too has a single/dual-clutch type.

  • The tractor has got 8 forwards and 2 reverse gears. 

  • Speed min-max - 2.94- 2.95 kmph

  • PTO power of the tractor is 40 HP with a maximum lifting capacity of 1600 kg.

  • The tractor has a 48 ltr spacious fuel tank capacity.

  • Warranty: 2000 hr/2 year

What is the price of the Mahindra 275 DI tractor in India?

The prices for Mahindra tractor are not a big hustle to know., the tractor brand has been ranking on top since, a few times because of its outstanding product categories and additional services that it gives to the end-users. The idea of having a Mahindra tractor is worth any investment, it costs you just as much as it is worth. The price of Mahindra 575 ranges between 5.35 Lakhs* - 6.09 Lakhs* INR. The tractor is quite affordable and can be easily used in both small and big farmlands, both. The best part about having a tractor of this type is that within a pocket-friendly price you get everything worth for a framer to have, the tractor can also be used with the tractor implements attached to it, which gives proper execution to various activities in nature. Thus, before you buy the Mahindra 575 tractor in India, the tractor is sure to blow your mind with its unique design, creative outlook and amazing price range, worth its specifications.

Where to get information about Mahindra 575 tractor in India?

To get possible information about the Mahindra tractor 575 visits Tractor Gyan. The website will help you get cumulative and collective information about the tractor that will indeed help you to maintain a better understanding of the tractor. Having full information about what you are looking for is now easy via click. Just visit the site and tune up to the latest information about the Mahindra tractor in India. 


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Review By: Shyam     29-07-2020


It is a nice tractor but it comes with fewer features than some other tractors. But still, in itself, it is really efficient, durable and reliable.



HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 1000 Kg

HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 1000 Kg

HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 1500 Kg

HP: 35

Cylinder: 4

Lifting Capicity: 1200 kg


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Recently Asked Question About Mahindra 575 DI Tractor:

Yes, You can buy Mahindra 575 DI tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of this tractor is 1600 Kg.
Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 47.5 Lit liters
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.
You can visit tractorgyan news & blog section to get latest updates of the tractor industry.
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