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New holland
Excel 6010 2WD/ 4WD

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*Ex-Showroom price of tractor


New holland


Excel 6010 2WD/ 4WD



Cooling System


Wheel Base

2079/2010 MM Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity

2000/2500 KG

Engine Cylinder


The New Holland 6010 tractor is one of the most popular New Holland tractor models. The New Holland Excel 6010 is a 60 horsepower tractor manufactured in New Holland India. The fuel efficiency and engine reliability of this tractor are well-known. Additionally, lower servicing costs and a large number of service centres make this brand the most popular among farmers. New Holland 6010 has 3 cylinders. The New Holland 6010 PTO HP is 51 HP. It has 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. The tractor has got 6000 hours or 6 years warranty. The price of New Holland 6010 starts at Rs. 5.20 lakh*. 

It has outstanding quality qualities that are appropriate for the Indian environment. It possesses the necessary qualities to function successfully on farms. Farmers hold a special place in their hearts for this tractor. With their innovative tractors, New Holland always gives superior quality services, and the New Holland 6010 is no exception.

The tractor 6010 from New Holland is noted for its overall performance and dependability. The price of a New Holland tractor starts at Rs. 5.20 lakh*. New Holland TD 5.90 is the most costly New Holland Tractor, costing Rs. 25.30 lakh*.

In India, New Holland offers a wide selection of tractor types, ranging from 35 horsepower to 90 horsepower. New Holland Tractor is a well-known brand that is known for producing high-quality tractors. New Holland 3600-2 TX, New Holland 3630 TX, New Holland 3230, New Holland 6010, and other New Holland tractor models are the most popular.

About New Holland

Ford, Fiat Trattori, Claeys, and New Holland are the total and integration of four agricultural brands that converged and united to form New Holland.

Abe Zimmerman created New Holland in 1895 in New Holland, Pennsylvania, to produce agricultural products, including a feed mill, to aid the local farming population. Due to a takeover by the Sperry Rand Corporation, the corporation changed its name to Sperry New Holland in 1947. In the same year, it introduced the haybine mower-conditioner, which was a huge breakthrough in hay harvesting technology. Sperry New Holland purchased a majority stake in Claeys in 1964.

New Holland is an agricultural machinery manufacturer based in the United States. Tractors, combine harvesters, balers, forage harvesters, self-propelled sprayers, haying tools, seeding equipment, hobby tractors, utility vehicles and implements, and grape harvesters are among New Holland's agricultural products.

New Holland equipment is made all over the world; the company's present administrative offices are in Turin, Italy, with New Holland, Pennsylvania serving as the brand's North American headquarters and home to the world's largest hay tool manufacturing facility. The firm is present in 170 countries worldwide, with 18 facilities and six joint ventures in the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East. The company has won multiple honours in recent years for its products, designs, and creative features. Also, New Holland Agricultural unveiled the NH2, the world's first hydrogen-powered tractor, in 2009.

As discussed above there are 20+ brands of tractors manufactured by New Holland in India. The most popular and efficient tractor amongst them is New Holland 6010. This tractor is designed keeping the demand and requirement of the farmers in mind. To know more about this tractor lets discuss it in detail.

New Holland Excel 6010 Tractor Features:

Innovative solutions were used to create the New Holland Excel 6010 tractor. It comes with a slew of great features, including 60 horsepower and three cylinders for a powerful engine.

The 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gearboxes on the New Holland 60 HP Tractor are quite smooth. Mechanically Actuated Oil Immersed Multi Disc / Hydraulically Actuated Oil Immersed Multi Disc and strong hydraulic lifting capacity are also included with this New Holland 6010. New Holland 6010 is manufactured in response to client need. The pricing of the New Holland 6010 is cheap and fits into each farmer's budget.

The tractor's diesel engine is a 3-cylinder unit with a 3600 CC capacity. With a rated RPM of 2200 RPM, this engine produces a total output of 60 HP. Tractor engines from New Holland are noted for their dependability and heavy-duty capabilities. This tractor has a 16.9 X 28-inch rear tyre setup and a 7.5 X 16 / 6.5 X 20 / 9.5 X 24 / 11.2 X 24-inch front tyre setup to boost performance. This tractor also has a 6-spline type PTO with a 51-horsepower motor. This tractor's mix of features makes it India's most efficient and cost-effective tractor.

The New Holland 6010 tractor is a full-sized tractor with a 2079 mm wheelbase. The tractor is 2415 kilogrammes in weight. For the comfort of farmers and operators, the New Holland Excel 6010 is packed with sophisticated amenities. Adjustable chairs, bright lighting, and a slew of other modern amenities are among them.

The New Holland 6010 tractor features a 2200 RPM intercooler engine with a dry-type air filter and a rotary type fuel pump. It also has a Double Clutch with Independent Clutch Lever, which allows for smooth field operations. It comes with Hydraulically Actuated Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes and Mechanically Actuated Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes. In addition, the steering type is hydrostatic steering.

New Holland Excel 6010 Tractor Price:

The pricing of this New Holland 6010 tractor is between Rs 8.60 and Rs 9.20 lacs. These are the ex-showroom costs for the New Holland Excel 6010 across India. The on-road pricing of a New Holland Excel 6010 tractor is determined by the tractor's model, options, road tax, and RTO fees.

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Review By: Mettina     17-08-2020


This is a very good tractor and can be used for many farm applications. It can be used with many farms implements and it can run smoothly on any type of fields and can be used on big farms also. It offers a very nice driving comfort. It has good lifting capacity and fuel tank capacity.

Review By: Shyam     14-08-2020


Personally, I didn't like this tractor that much. There is a better tractor than this one in the market. The working is not that much efficient and smooth(compared to others).

Review By: Mettina     18-07-2020


The tractor has excellent lifting capacity and has many applications on the farm. I bought this tractor 2 years ago and still, this tractor has no complaints. It requires very less servicing and maintenance.


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Recently Asked Question About New holland Excel 6010 2WD/ 4WD Tractor:

Yes, You can buy New holland Excel 6010 2WD/ 4WD tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of this tractor is 2000/2500 KG.
Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 60 Lit liters
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.
You can visit tractorgyan news & blog section to get latest updates of the tractor industry.
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