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A Brief Histroy of Tractors | Tractorgyan

    A Brief Histroy of Tractors | Tractorgyan

19 Jun, 2021

The agricultural and farming sector is a significant contributor to the economy. The tractors in India has set the next level trend in farming which has a direct impact on the booming growth of the economy. Tractors in India have been seen as the most important symbol of farming, it has an enriching history in Indian ancient time. Tractor models in India have not just once but every time has set a standard for agriculture sectors, it has almost minimized the efforts and strength of the farmers in carrying out cultivation and agricultural process.

Further, tractors are also known as the best quality agricultural equipment in India as the world like a backbone to agricultural and farming activities. Crip cultivation, or blending the soil in farm these things in specific can be only done with the use of the tractors. Tractors in India are facing the direct and a strong competition in the market. From their engine efficiency to their high and ease out performances, all these tractors are evaluated and judged on the supreme parameters. The article revolves around the history of tractors in India.

Utility Of The Tractors In India 

  • They can be used as a carrier of the goods

  • It serves as the carrier to seeds, fertilizer and other things.

  • Helps in multiple farming services like planting, ploughing and harvesting.

  • Tractors can be used to earn rental income.

  • Tractors make work easy and time-saving.

  • Reduces human efforts and compensates for other resources as well.  

  • For farmers, tractors serve as a social symbol.

  • Tractors make farming profitable and favourable.

First tractor models in India 

In the mid-1940s the tractors were brought from Indian wars, the first ever tractor model was purchased from there. After India got its independence in 1947, various tractors manufacturing company came into existence and operations. The 60s, 70s and 80s are remarked as the years in which the development of the tractors happened in India. The five years plan of the Government Of India focussed largely on the development of agricultural mechanizations. Farming became the first appraised and most supported occupation in India by the government and their fellow citizens. 


Tractor models in India -

As the years passed on and the ages preceded year over the year the farming culture became deep-rooted, tractor models in India grew to the extent that the market for them became more welcoming and prosperous. According to the current data tractors population in India has occupied 29% or more of the share. Here are some of the renowned brands in the tractor industry who are high in selling and has manufactured tractors of great efficiency.

  1. Mahindra & Mahindra Tractors -
    Mahindra company was found as a tie-up with other names since 1963. It has got all the rights of manufacturing in new and innovative models. The company nearly sells 200,000 tractors annually. Swaraj is the next brand in tractors that are owned by Mahindra only.


  2. John Deere Tractors -
    The company is one of the leading exporters of tractors and it manufactures different tractors ranging from 35 HP - 89 HP of the range. It now manufactures 5000 series tractors from Pune to Dewas.


  3. New Holland Tractors  -
    The company has already stretched its wings beyond the Indian market and is also known for its global presence. The country sale is over 2.5 lakhs and the tractors of this brand are the most popular and known for their amazing performance.


  4. Sonalika Tractors -
    The company stands as the 3rd largest in the tractor industry and thus, is known for its outstanding performances and ease in operations too. At present, the company manufactures 18 HP - 120 HP of engine tractors. The company is known as the best and the growing one in this sector.


  5. Escorts Tractors -
    Initially Escorts company use to make Ford tractors, but due to a slight lift up happened in the production and the Ford left the business still the name was used in the market for a couple of years. Digitrac, Farmtrac and Powertrac are the next big tractors names that are owned by Escorts. These tractors have a high-functioning engine with other sound features that make them better to use and demanded in the market.


  6. TAFE Group -
    The full form of the company is Tractors & Farm Equipment Limited. The company proudly owns two major brands of tractors under the badge. These tractors are highly efficient and extremely functional in their performances.


  • Eicher Tractors -
    The tractors were out in the market in 1985 however the company sold its tractors business to the TAFE group in 2005. In India, most of the people depend on agriculture and thus, this has made tractors as the most wanted and one in the running business. Tractors have played a key role in the development of the country and thus, it will keep on enjoying the place of pride in this industry.


  • Massey Ferguson India
    In 1961 the company was established for marketing the tractors of Massey Ferguson in India. The tractors here are sold under the name of TAFE and Massey Ferguson and also, exported under the same badge. The gears performance, lifting capacity and engine efficiency of these tractors, are all above the aspirations.


  1. Kubota Tractors in India -
    From rice to dry farming Kubota has done wonders in the agricultural and farming sectors. Its outstanding, vulnerable, reliable and have a great versatility in performance, these tractors are one of a big name. The company keeps on responding to the changes in this industry with utmost innovation. The tractors have an engine with 21 HP - 55 HP.


Thus, in India farming is celebrated as a ritual and farmers are considered as the backbone of the economy. The tractors in India are further supported and encouraged to be the most appreciated automobile having all the utility that can simplify the task of the farmer and help them carry on progressive farming. Thus, from the history of the tractor in India to their current establishment in the Indian market, it has amazingly scaled the graph of achievements for the farmers. 


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