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The Farmtrac mini tractors are best suited and reliable for carrying out farming activities. These Farmtrac mini tractors hp range 15 - to 36 horsepower engines. Mahindra Mini tractor price is between 2 lakhs and 9 lakhs* (approx.). The weight of the mini tractor is at least 1000 kg.
Today Farmtrac mini tractors are not only advanced and stylish, but they serve a great degree of advantage to the farmer as they are being light or compact in their size it is comfortable for farmers to ride over a rough surface, they are easily customized plus has a high range of adaptability consumes less fuel and is easy to maintain. Exclusively at Tractor Gyan, get your hands on the newest Farmtrac Mini Tractors. We at Tractor Gyan have a variety of Farmtrac Mini Tractor models available, and our goal is to help you choose the best one at a fair price by giving you appropriate information and reliability.

Farmtrac Mini Tractors Price List 2023 in India

All Farmtrac Mini Tractors

tractor hp HP :- 22
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 750 KG
tractor hp HP :- 26
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 750 Kg

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Recently Asked Question about:

Mini Tractor Price in India Starts from Rs. 2.50 lacs to 7.90 Lacs*.
The best Small tractor brands in 2023 are Mahindra, swaraj, sonalika, captain, john deere, and so on.
The best Mini tractors for agriculture are Mahindra Jivo 245 DI, John deere 3028 EN, and Sonalika GT 20 Rx.
Generally, Tractors under 15hp to 30hp consider mini tractors.
The latest models of mini tractors are Mahindra JIVO 305 DI, powertrac euro g28 4wd, Farmtrac Atom 26, etc.
The mini tractor is used in agriculture for small farm tasks, gardening, and landscaping activities.
At Tractorgyan you can find mini tractors on-road prices along with their feature, specifications, etc.
50+ Mini tractors are available at tractorgyan.
The First Mini tractor in India was launched by Captain tractors.
Mini tractor's average lifting capacity is 450 kg to 1200 kg.
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About Farmtrac Mini Tractors:

Farmtrac mini tractor has turned out to be a revolutionary mini tractor series. Unlike in earlier years, the uses of mini tractors are not just limited to some services. The Farmtrac mini tractor series has added more efficiency, making it fit for the versatility that an ideal mini tractor needs. Be it mowing your orchard or vineyard, Landscaping, Haulage, or Mining. Additionally, the Mini farmtrac tractors are also considered to be a helping hand to the farmers who have livestock on their farms, it makes it easier for the farmers by cleaning, transporting food, and cleaning out.

A tractor is a vehicle that requires a lot of research before buying because it is considered a lifetime investment. Hence here, we have provided all the important information that you would need to know about the Farmtrac Mini Tractors. mini tractors by farmtrac are surely the finest choice For farmers.

Popular Farmtrac Mini Tractors:

The top 2 Farmtrac mini tractors have taken the market by storm as soon as it was launched. And the two most popular Farmtrac mini tractor prices, features, and specifications can easily be found at TractorGyan.  




Lifting Capacity   



Farmtrac Atom 22

   22 HP

750 Kg



Farmtrac Atom 26

   26 HP

750 Kg


Both of the mini tractors mentioned above are considered to be top mini tractors by the Farmtrac mini tractor series. The reason is that both of these tractors are overloaded with features, such as good fuel and lifting capacity and the powerful engine ensures that the work is done effortlessly whether be it on a farm or on the road.

What is the Price of  Farmtrac Mini Tractors?

Farmtrac Tractor is a company that understands and relates to the Indian agriculture market scene from the very core of it, the makers of the Mini Tractor by farmtrac have very rightly set the prices of the tractors. Farmtrac mini tractor price list starts from Rs. 4.70 lacs* to Rs. 5.70 Lacs*. This shows that all the tractors of this series are a value of money kind of Tractors.

Who are the Dealers of Farmtrac Mini Tractors?

It is very crucial to buy mini farmtrac tractors from certified dealers to ensure the authenticity of the product, and to be sure that the prices that they are asking are the same as that set by the company itself. And luckily you don't have to worry about looking for farmtrac dealers because you can find Farmtrac mini tractor dealers near your location in no time. Mini tractor by Farmtrac is a popular tractor series and that is exactly why it never goes out of demand. And TractorGyan's features allow you to easily spot the genuine Farmtrac mini tractors dealers near you.

Why TractorGyan for the Farmtrac Mini Tractor?

TractorGyan is not just a brand anymore it's the name on which every Indian farmer trusts without thinking twice. It is the only place where you can find tractors from the Farmtrac Mini tractor series at the best prices as compared to the other prices set in the market.

TractorGyan offers all the information that one might need while buying a Mini farmtrac tractor and our ever-increasing customer base proves it.

The years of experience and trust of our customers go out to only prove the worth of our success. Another reason why you should trust us with the Farmtrac Mini tractor series is unlike most of the others in the business we are always working towards making changes to enhance, improve and upgrade our websites and services so that we can keep bringing our best game for you because we know and understand what value does it hold for a farmer to buy a new tractor, it's an investment of a lifetime and it should be treated like one indeed.

Thank you for being with us. We hope we were able to help you in deciding which Farmtrac Mini tractor to buy and knowing the company a little better. We are working on the improvement to enhance the experience of our consumers.  we assure only TractorGyan offers you the best Farmtrac Mini Tractor price in India.

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