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Massey ferguson Mini Tractors

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The Massey ferguson mini tractors are best suited and reliable for carrying out farming activities. These Massey ferguson mini tractors hp range 15 - to 36 horsepower engines. Mahindra Mini tractor price is between 2 lakhs and 9 lakhs* (approx.). The weight of the mini tractor is at least 1000 kg.
Today Massey ferguson mini tractors are not only advanced and stylish, but they serve a great degree of advantage to the farmer as they are being light or compact in their size it is comfortable for farmers to ride over a rough surface, they are easily customized plus has a high range of adaptability consumes less fuel and is easy to maintain. Exclusively at Tractor Gyan, get your hands on the newest Massey ferguson Mini Tractors. We at Tractor Gyan have a variety of Massey ferguson Mini Tractor models available, and our goal is to help you choose the best one at a fair price by giving you appropriate information and reliability.

Massey ferguson Mini Tractors Price List 2023 in India

All Massey ferguson Mini Tractors

tractor hp HP :- 20
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 1
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 750 kgf
tractor hp HP :- 28
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 739 Kg

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Recently Asked Question about:

Mini tractor price range starts from Rs. 2.45 lakh* to 9.22 lakh* in India 2023
The best Small tractor brands in 2023 are Mahindra, swaraj, sonalika, captain, john deere, and so on.
The best Mini tractors for agriculture are Mahindra Jivo 245 DI, John deere 3028 EN, and Sonalika GT 20 Rx.
Generally, Mini tractor hp range is between 11hp to 36hp
The Latest models of mini tractors are Eicher 280 Plus 4wd, Mahindra JIVO 305 DI, Powertrac euro g28 4wd, Farmtrac Atom 26, etc.
The mini tractor is used in agriculture for small farm tasks, gardening, and landscaping activities.
At Tractorgyan you can find mini tractors on-road prices along with their feature, specifications, etc.
50+ Mini tractors are available at tractorgyan.
The First Mini tractor in India was launched by Captain tractors.
Mini tractor's average lifting capacity is 450 kg to 1200 kg.
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About Massey Ferguson Mini Tractors:

Massey Fergusson Mini Tractors are known for being top-notch mini tractors carrying out farming functions seamlessly. The Mini tractor by Massey Fergusson comprises mini tractors having a horsepower range that starts from 20 HP and goes up to 28 HP. The Massey Ferguson mini tractor price in India starts from Rs. 3.00 lacs* and goes up to Rs. 5.50 lacs* so that it can reach everyone and can be afforded by all Indian farmers. All of the mini tractors that belong to the Massey Ferguson mini Tractor series weigh under 1000 kg. Ever since the mini Massey Ferguson Tractor series was launched it has taken the agriculture market by storm. Massey Ferguson is known to deliver exceptional performance and utmost comfort to its users.

Here is the list of information that you might need to know before buying a new Massey Ferguson Mini Tractor. Because it is crucial to be well-informed before buying a piece of new machinery as it is considered a lifetime investment.

Popular Massey Ferguson Mini Tractors:

The Massey Ferguson Mini Tractors have been a favorite ever since they were launched but out of all the variants, only 2 managed to stay on top and win over people's hearts. These top 2 Massey Ferguson Mini Tractors are listed below with horsepower, lifting capacity, and no. of cylinders.



Horse Power  

Lifting Capacity  



Massey Ferguson 5118 2 WD

20 HP

750 Kg



Massey Ferguson 6028 4 WD

28 HP

739 Kg


As one can see from the table, the horsepower for both of these mini tractors by Massey Ferguson is 20 hp and 28 HP respectively. The powerful engine never fails to deliver record-breaking performance, the tractors can lift up to 750 kg with ease and can hold a sufficient amount of fuel with 1-3 cylinders.

What is the Price of the Massey Ferguson Mini Tractor?

The price of Massey Ferguson Mini Tractors starts from Rs. 3.00 Lacs* and goes up to Rs. 5.50 Lacs*. The price range was set in such a way that it complements the Indian economic state and agriculture market just the right way while being practical. It would not be completely wrong to say that Massey Ferguson is by far the most affordable mini tractor series and is better in every sense than any of its competitors in the market. And that makes it the perfect whole package consisting of amazing features and that too in the price range which is too good to be true for farmers in India.

Who are the Dealers of Massey Ferguson Mini Tractors?

Purchasing a tractor is considered a difficult task but an authentic or certified dealer makes the process smooth by helping in selecting the right tractor model for your farm and by offering the right price for the tractor which is set by the company itself.

Massey Ferguson Mini tractors are ever popular and never go out of demand, Massey Ferguson tractors have powerful dealers network all over India. Finding a certified tractor dealer is a very tedious task and finding a dealer near your location is even more difficult that is where TractorGyan comes to your aid. We provide you with the most genuine and certified dealers of Massey Ferguson Mini Tractors.  Visit locates tractor dealer's page search by brand, state, and city and gets their contact numbers, addresses, location, and email. 

Why Tractor Gyan for Massey Ferguson Mini Tractor?

TractorGyan is your one-stop solution for everything be it tractors, tractor implements, tractor tyres, agriculture news, and much more.  We offer great services, such as the best tractor prices, and tractor loans, and also get you in touch with the dealers nearest to you.

We provide the most authentic and realistic information so that you can make the right decisions. At tractorgyan, you can get complete details about the Massey Ferguson Mini Tractor prices, features, and specifications that you desire. sure you can get a good Massey Ferguson mini tractor from anywhere but it is only at TractorGyan that you will get the best deals on Massey Ferguson mini tractor prices.

We hope we were able to deliver what you were looking for, for more information about the tractor world keep visiting our website and stay updated because we have a lot in store for you. 

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